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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm finally posting again!

I can't believe it has been a MONTH since I posted anything to my blog. Boy, getting sick really knocked my socks off. First, having a biopsy taken of a spot on my face ON MY BIRTHDAY, no less! Turned out fine, Thank you G-d!!! Then getting sick with a bronchial cold is the absolute pits. I missed a weekend crop and 3 days of school. I am finally starting to feel better, but still have a lingering cough. Now for some artwork. I have been taking a class online from My Creative Classroom learning scenic stamping. You stamp an image and then add color to the images using ink and special ink applicators. Here is my very first attempt without using the correct tools. I tried using sponge daubers to apply the color, but they have a surface that is just not good for getting into the tight places. All in all, it still looks pretty good.
Now, this is one I made using the same stamps. I stamped the center image and then added to the left and right sides letting the image stamp off the edges of the card. I added the ink using the correct tools and I can see it looks much better.I used a torn paper towel to make the clouds in the sky. I left off the guy in the rowboat, too. Now to perfect my stamping, but this was the day I started getting sick. Yeah, that's my excuse, I was getting sick.
Now, this one is am image of an actual location. It is the Bass Harbor Head Light from Bass Harbor, Maine. My family and I went there for a vacation one year with my sister and her family. We stayed in Bass Harbor Campground and didn't get to see this view of the light, but we did get to see it from land. I added this image to make into a card, which I will be sending to my sister.

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