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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lobbying at the State Capitol

Lobby of the State of Florida Capitol Building

I just got back from an interesting week lobbying my Representatives and Senators at the FL State Capitol. What an eye opening experience it was.

The first day there, I got to testify before the Senate Appropriations Committee against a bill that would allow parents to change a school that is failing into a Charter School.  What parents don't realize, is that these For Profit companies can come in, take over the school, and STRIP parents of all their rights under the current school board system. Charter schools can refuse to teach children for no reason whatsoever, forcing the children to be bussed to overcrowded public schools. This is a VERY BAD bit of legislation.  I am hoping the bill dies in committee but they still have one week to try to pass this very bad bill.  Unfortunately, the group in power in my state does not want public schools. They believe in privatizing everything. 

My Representative, Lori Berman, introduced both me and my colleague Karen, to the full House of Representatives on Wednesday. She also commented on her time visiting my classroom.  That was very exciting, too.

Here I am with my fellow First-time Lobbyists on the 22nd floor of the Capitol Building. I'm on the phone with Senator Jeff Clemens office trying to schedule an appointment.

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